Telegram for Blackberry

Telegram for Blackberry (Unofficial) 1.0.1010

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason. You can download these alternatives:

Chat with Telegram on BlackBerry (with an unofficial app)

This program can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at WhatsApp Messenger instead. View full description


  • Works like Android app
  • Fast and stable
  • Groups of up to 200 contacts
  • Secret chats
  • Send large files


  • App has to be open to receive notifications
  • Doesn't integrate well with BlackBerry Hub
  • Location feature doesn't work well

Not bad

This program can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at WhatsApp Messenger instead.

Telegram for BlackBerry is an unofficial app to access the messaging app Telegram on BlackBerry 10. Telegram for BlackBerry is an adaptation of the Android version that lets you do pretty much the same as the official app (chat, send pictures, and start a secret chat) but, as it’s unofficial, it has some major drawbacks.

Chat, send pictures, videos and files of any size

Telegram has become, in the last few months, WhatsApp’s greatest enemy. Its main strengths are how well it works and its free character, which makes it possible for anyone to develop apps based on its source code. That’s why there are desktop versions and even browser extensions.

This unofficial version of Telegram for BlackBerry lets you do exactly the same as the official versions. In fact, it’s an exact copy of the Android version. You can enjoy text chats, share pictures, videos, documents of any size, and your location (although this feature doesn’t work very well).

Telegram for BlackBerry also lets you create groups of up to 200 members and hold private conversations, where messages are securely encrypted and leave no trace.

So far so good. But, because it’s not a native app, it has some important drawbacks. The first, and most important, is that the app has to be open in the background to receive new messages. Telegram for BlackBerry has no push notifications, so if it’s not open you won’t know if you’ve received anything.

The other major drawback of the lack of native support is the poor integration with BlackBerry Hub, one of the most interesting features of BlackBerry 10, which integrates in a same app all of the telephone’s communications.

Just like the official app

Regarding its use, Telegram for BlackBerry is just like the official app. That is, perfect. It’s well-built, fast and very easy to use. If you're already a WhatsApp user, you’ll see that it’s practically the same.

It’s extremely easy to log in and start using it: you just have to link the app to your phone number and Telegram for BlackBerry will import your entire contact list. Then you’ll be able to see which of them are already on Telegram whatever device they are using. Ready to start chatting!

While we wait for an official app, it’s great

Since the official Telegram for BlackBerry still doesn’t exist, BlackBerry users are quite grateful for existence of this app. It works great and has all of Telegram’s functions. The only (and big) downside is that the app has to be open to receive notifications. **